Here are sites that are run by eGDC Ltd:


DirectoryGold Web Directory – Link directory with various sub-sites.
DirectoryGold Article Directory Article – Article directory subsection of DirectoryGold
DirectoryGold Games Portal – Free online games subsection of DirectoryGold.

eBook Sites:

How to Grow Beautiful Roses
How to Study Birds
Poverty To Power
The Rational Memory
Self Development Handbook
Valentines Day Recipes

Games sites:

Flash Games Site – General Flash games.
Planet of Zombies – Zombie themed games.
Simply Card Games – Card games of all types.
Simply Word Games – Word games


Weekly PLR Articles

Static Factual Sites:

101 eBay Tips
101 Money Saving Tips
101 Ways to get in Better Shape and Stay That Way
The Secret of Wealth
Tips for Training Dogs


PLR Brainstorm

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