Corporate Details

eGDC Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales. Our Company Registration Number is: 4795527.
Further information can be found at the Companies House website.

eGDC Ltd is Registered with the Data Protection Register of the United Kingdom, which regulates how we deal with your personal data. Our registration number is Z8529905.

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  1. Brett says:

    Hi eGDC

    Have read some of your Mochi posts have you by chance had experienced an issue with the Bridge where it doesn’t handshake with Mochi? we have a crossdomain.xml file in place, and the Bridge SWF is instantiated. but when viewing the debug info, all that happens is an infinite loop of attempts to handshake with Mochi. any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thanks – Brett

    • egdcltd says:

      I did once have that problem, but I can’t remember what caused it. One thing I have noticed is that if I play a lot of Mochi games on the browser without clearing out the temporary files, the browser’s performance eventually deteriorates.

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