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SEO Tips: 5 Important Elements your Site Must Have

This is a guest post on SEO by Diana Maria, a blogger and a writer. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Acer Aspire TimelineX attracted her attention. These … Continue reading

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Search Engines Like Blogs

You’ve probably heard this before, but search engines do like blogs. I’ve noticed that some of my articles that I’ve added here are performing better than they are on my main article directory. Despite the fact that they were added … Continue reading

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Article Directory Sitemap

As I mentioned yesterday, I have now added a text file sitemap to my Article Directory. This was harder than anticipated due to all the rewrite rules being in encrypted files, so I basically had to guess them. I’ve submitted … Continue reading

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New sitemaps

I’ve managed to make a text file sitemap generator, which admittedly currently needs running manually every time I want to update it, at least until I get the permissions sorted out, at which point I’ll do it by cron job … Continue reading

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Games Portal Games Pages SEO Friendly

I’ve used mod_rewrite to make the Games Portal Games Pages SEO friendly, so instead of a page URL being something like: they’re I’ve looked into using mod_rewrite before, but never been able to work out properly how to do … Continue reading

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TextLinkBrokers is a service which allows approved websites to sell links on their site, text link ads or through hosted marketing pages. Now, whilst this can generate a useful source of revenue for webmasters, Google recently threw a hissy fit … Continue reading

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Indirect Links are Bad

Similar to the concept I mentioned in Reciprocal Linking is Dead, you likely have come across this too. An indirect link is a link that doesn’t go to but instead passes though some other script firs, e.g. For … Continue reading

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