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More Steps to Get Your Article Declined

Here are some other faults I’ve come across with submitted articles that can get them rejected. Problems With Pen Names If you submit articles you’ve written on the different article directories around, you will more than likely find that these … Continue reading

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Promoting Your Blog Feed

If you have a blog, it’s going to have an XML, Atom, or RSS feed. Mine, for this blog, is Now, one type of place you can promote this is forums. Some forums, for example DigitalPoint and VileSilencer, allow … Continue reading

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How do I get Visitors to my Site?

I’ve been answering this question a lot on myLot, so I thought I’d post up my responses here for reference. Simply building a website is not enough, you need to get people visiting it. I wouldn’t suggest using thinks like … Continue reading

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Paid to Click Programs

What are Paid to Click programs? Well, the concept is fairly simple. Members join the site, then click on advertisers links. The member then has to wait and view the advertisers site whilst a timer counts down to zero. The … Continue reading

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What is Contextual Advertising?

I have referred to BidVertiser and Google AdSense/Adwords as being examples of Contextual Advertising. Another example is the Yahoo Publisher Network (which is currently only accepting sites that have a predominately US & English base). So, what is it? Contextual … Continue reading

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Indirect Links are Bad

Similar to the concept I mentioned in Reciprocal Linking is Dead, you likely have come across this too. An indirect link is a link that doesn’t go to but instead passes though some other script firs, e.g. For … Continue reading

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Reasons Why You Should Use a Redirect Link When Promoting an Affiliate Program

When you promote an affiliate program, there are a few ways of linking to the program, for example, when you use it in emails, articles or on websites. A couple of these ways are to use either your actual affiliate … Continue reading

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