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RedGage Payment Received

With winning $25 on the RedGage daily contest, I had passed the $25 payment threshold required to cashout from the site. In fact, with contest winnings, you need to claim them as quickly as possible or you will lose them … Continue reading

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NeoBux Referral Update

Well, my rented referrals from NeoBux have now expired. Total credited referral clicks was 404, earning $2.02. This was less than the $3 invested in purchasing them, however there were a number of factors that probably decreased their worth. During … Continue reading

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e-gold Hacked Again

I posted some time ago about my dislike for e-gold because you have no recourse if your account is hacked. Well, the first time it happened, I specifically opened an e-gold account to keep most of my money in. I … Continue reading

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World Bux Payment Denied

I just checked the status of my payment request at World Bux and the status was Payment Denied. I’m not sure what that means, as it wasn’t one of the listed possible statuses, so I’ve submitted a support ticket. It … Continue reading

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Moneybookers is another Payment Processor. It’s not as big or as popular as PayPal, only being accepted in 30+ countries, and is based in the UK. It has a referral program, which pays you 30% of the fees generated by … Continue reading

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e-gold is another Payment Processor and quite frankly I’m not keen on it. I’ll only use it if I absolutely have to. The reason is quite simple; if your account is hacked by someone and the e-metal transferred out of … Continue reading

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AlertPay is an online payment processor, similar to the more widely known PayPal. I’ve had an account with them for well over a year, but to date haven’t used it. I’m mentioning it because many of the current Paid to … Continue reading

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