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I’ve now passed over 50 subscribers with my WeeklyPLRArticles site. Admittedly, it’s taken over 8 months to get to this stage, so not that impressive as yet. Still, it’s the largest list I’ve managed to build. Link Referral has been … Continue reading

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WeeklyPLRArticles Update

I’ve been promoting my WeeklyPLRArticles site using Link Referral. So far, it’s proving more successful then it was for Yuwie, and new subscribers have been signing up fairly regularly for my GetResponse list. This is probably because I’m the only … Continue reading

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Link Referral

I’ve decided to stop promoting Yuwie on Link Referral, as to date I’ve had no success at all doing so. Instead, I’ve decided to try promoting WeeklyPLRArticles.

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Link Referral

Link Referral is essentially another Traffic Exchange. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend using it on a site where you have AdSense ads displayed, as it’s an artificial way of boosting traffic. This is their explanation of the concept behind Link Referral: … Continue reading

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