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Four Websites for Creating Your Facebook Timeline

This is a guest post on Social Media by Stella Brown, a lifestyle blogger and Facebook master! She checks every post with a dependable grammar checker. Her favourite Shakespeare work is Hamlet. What’s yours? If you’ve switched your Facebook profile over … Continue reading

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MindJolt Standalone App for Picture Find

MindJolt have recently starting making standalone Facebook apps for their games. I received an email stating that Picture Find is one of these, although I expect others to follow. I’m not entirely certain what I think of this. Sure, it … Continue reading

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Initial Facebook Ad Update

Well, my first Facebook ad only generated five clicks and no sales. Given that I made an ad with only about a day or so left of useful time, with no picture, I can’t really say I’m surprised by the … Continue reading

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Facebook Advertising

I’ve been registered at Facebook for some time, and recently started using it more – I’ve posted about a couple of very basic apps I made (Quiz Me and Picture Find) – but until now I’ve never considered using the … Continue reading

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Second Facebook Application

I have added my Flash game, Quiz Me, as another application on Facebook. This game hasn’t been very widely distributed due to problems with getting the questions to load on other sites. The application is here: Quiz Me

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Facebook Application

I made my Flash game, Picture Find, into a Facebook application. It’s only a very simple integration currently, as I was just trying to work out how to do it. The game is available here: Picture Find

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