Dining Out Review for The Beech Tree, Southella Way, Kirk Ella

Location: The Beech Tree, Southella Way, Kirk Ella, East Yorkshire, HU10 7LY

The Beech Tree is an Ember Inn in Kirk Ella.

The location was visited on a weekday lunchtime. There were two main areas, a dining area and the bar. The dining area was the one chosen. There was not a lot of custom, presumably because of the time of day and the fact that it is in a primarily residential area, and so does not receive much lunchtime trade, even with the various daytime deals.

The orders were placed at the bar after selecting a table, although you had the option to open a tab, which meant additional orders could be placed with the server without having to revisit the bar. Napkin-wrapped cutlery and some condiments were available at the table in a container that also housed the menus.

There were several menus available; the normal menu, a lunchtime light lunches and sandwiches menu, a selection of specials and a fixed price daytime menu, which was two courses for £6.95 or three courses for £8.95.

The fixed price daytime menu was chosen, and two courses were ordered from it.


The drink chosen was a bottle of Coca Cola, which came with a glass. This had been chilled in the fridge, and was fine.

The starter ordered was deep fried almond crumbed Somerset Brie, served with an apple salad and redcurrant and juniper jelly. The piece of brie was pretty substantial, and was a pie slice shaped piece cut from a larger wheel of brie, not a tiny complete cheese. The salad was okay, just a few bits of apple and greens, but the starter wasn’t ordered for the salad garnish. This was a very nice starter, even though a lot of the melted cheese oozed out onto the plate once it had been cut into. The redcurrant and juniper jelly was nice, although not that strongly flavoured.

Main course

With the main course being ordered at the same time as the starter, it wasn’t necessary to revisit the bar or place another order with the server. The main course was a 7oz gammon steak, served with a fried egg, thick cut chips and peas. There was a bit too much fat on the gammon, although it was otherwise fine, not too salty as is sometimes the case and had been cooked just right. The chips were thick cut as advertised, which were fine if you like your chips like that and were not overcooked. The peas were okay, nothing exceptional.

The courses were delivered to the table reasonably quickly, although the starter took longer than was expected considering the location wasn’t that busy. In summary, the lunchtime fixed price menu gave a decent and enjoyable meal and was not too expensive. Service is reasonable, although nothing startling. It is recommended to open a tab, especially if you are by yourself, so that you don’t have to return to the bar leaving your table during the meal. The total was £8.80, so the Beech Tree is recommended for a reasonably priced lunch that’s a cut above fast food. 2.5/5.

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