Dining Out Review for The Admiral of the Humber, Anlaby Road, Hull

Location: The Admiral of the Humber, Grosvenor House, 1 Anlaby Road, Hull, HU1 2NT

The Admiral of the Humber is a J D Wetherspoons run venue in Hull city centre.

This was visited on a weekday lunchtime, and was extremely busy at the time. There was a table available, unfortunately it wasn’t actually clean when I sat down. It appeared that due to the amount of custom, the staff had not yet had a chance to clean it. The menu was a bit sticky and dirty also.

To order, you need to make a note of your table number, then go to the bar and order your food. I was served quickly, and returned to my table to wait for my food. This took about eight minutes to arrive, which I felt was very quick considering the level of business – probably at over 90% table capacity. Cutlery was brought with the meal, wrapped in a napkin. The cutlery was not as clean as it could have been as, whilst it wasn’t actually dirty, it was a bit smeared.

Main course

Gourmet beef burger. This is a 6oz 100% British beef burger in a bun, topped with Danish bacon, Stilton and Shropshire Blue cheese, spring onion sauce and beer battered onion rings, as well as lettuce, red onion and tomato. It comes with chips and tomato relish, and includes a drink. A wide range of drinks are available, including draft and bottled beers, wine, spirits and soft drinks. I had a draught Coke with this.

The Coke was as good as can be expected from draught. The burger was nice. It was cooked properly, not overcooked as is often the case. The salad was fresh, and the chips were cooked without being overdone also. The blue cheese was not the strongest, but full strength blues would more than likely prove not popular with a significant number of customers.


Belgian waffle with ice cream. This came with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and chocolate sauce, although fruits of the forest sauce could have been had instead. The ice cream was still frozen and not runny, and there was plenty of chocolate sauce.

I went to the bar again to order this after finishing my main course. This took longer than the first visit, because unfortunately I wasn’t served in turn. Whilst I was at the bar ordering, my previous courses’ dishes were cleared away.

This was very enjoyable. The waffle had been cooked just right, as I have on a number of occasions had a similar dessert where it has been burnt.

The food here, whilst not gourmet cooking – despite the name of the burger – was perfectly fine and reasonably priced, the entire meal of gourmet burger, Coke and Belgian waffle coming to £8.24. Orders were brought out very quickly, especially when considering the level of business. General cleanliness was a bit under par, although it was not actually dirty.

One downside is that it’s not full waiter service, and you have to go to the bar personally to order, including refills on your drinks. If dining alone this does mean you either have to leave items on your table, or potentially find someone else has sat there whilst you were at the bar, especially during peak times.

Overall, I would recommend this for decent food at a decent price when shopping in town. Nothing special, but a level above fast food restaurants and sandwich bars. I would go back again. 2.5/5.

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