Dining Out Review for Ha! Ha! Bar & Grill, Electric Press, Leeds

Location: Ha! Ha! Bar & Grill, Unit D, Electric Press, Leeds, LS2 3AD

The Electric Press is located on Millennium Square, Leeds Civic Quarter and contains a number of dining out places.

Ha! Ha! Bar & Grill fronts onto Millennium Square itself. There is limited meter street parking nearby. The majority of the venue is located down a flight of stairs after you enter. The venue was visited on a Saturday lunch time, and had a moderate amount of custom.

After entering, we were shown to a table by one of the staff present, and were given menus. Another member came along about seven minutes after this to ask if we would like to order any drinks, and they apologised for the delay in seeing us. The restaurant as a whole seemed a bit on the cool side. There was music playing, but it wasn’t loud and obtrusive.

The drinks that were ordered were a large Coke, a bottle of sparkling mineral water, and a small glass of Casa Joya Merlot. We were also offered bread and olives, which were declined. The Coke was okay, but it had far too much ice in it, especially as for draft this reduces the actual amount of drink you get. The mineral water was fine, and the Merlot was excellent.


The starters were a tomato and mozzarella salad and mushroom bruschetta. These were served five minutes after ordering, which was very quick.

The tomato and mozzarella salad used proper buffalo mozzarella and not the cow’s milk type you find in many places these days. This was drizzled with olive oil and served with rocket pesto. There was an entire ball of mozzarella served on the plate, so you knew you were getting it fresh, rather than some that had been partially used for someone else’s meal.

The mushroom bruschetta was composed of pan fried portobello, chestnut and button mushrooms, and served on a toasted ciabatta and crumbled Stilton cheese, with a garnish of lettuce leaves. This was also very nice, although it was hard to differentiate the types of mushrooms from each other.

Main Courses

The main courses were a seafood risotto and an 8oz rump steak with peppercorn sauce. These came fourteen minutes after the starter dishes were cleared away; not as quick as the starters, but not bad.

The seafood risotto contained salmon, haddock and king prawns, and a decent amount of these too. The rice was nicely done and not glutinous. With regards to the quantity there was, if anything, too much, as rice is a filling food.

The 8oz rump was ordered rare and indeed came this way, which is not always the case. The steak was a 21-day aged British steak served with skinny chips, which are not to everyone’s liking, but were nicely cooked, and a lambs lettuce garnish. An alternative to the chips was potato dauphinoise. The peppercorn sauce came in a separate jug, and was not skimpy on the peppercorns. Brown sauce for the chips and French mustard were also asked for, and these were brought in small dishes and left at the table, rather than being doled out onto your plate and then removed. The rump steak was very nice, perfectly cooked and tender.

No desserts or coffee were had after the meal. The overall experience was very good. The restaurant was nicely done up and clean, and the quality of food and service was good.

The cost for the entire meal including drinks was £44.30. A bit on the high side for a Saturday lunch considering its location, which probably accounts for the only moderate level of custom, although the food was very good. Ha! Ha! Is recommended as a place to visit if you wish to spend a bit more on a meal. 4/5.

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