My Writing Progress Report for April 2017

Notebook and PenIn April I published 26 articles on the general site (18,918 words), 15 articles on the science fiction site (8,346 words), 6 articles on the electronics site (3,069 words), 5 role playing game supplements (9,311 words), 2 blog posts (1,545 words) and an article on the RPG site (344 words). Once again nothing was published on InfoBarrel; the owners did make a single post for the first time in many weeks, but it’s clear that the site is no longer of any importance or interest to them.

The total number of words written in April was 57,158, up a bit from March.

Writing Related Earnings for April

A dollar sign.AdSense income for April was £1.33, down a lot from March. As always, the majority of the income came from the electronics site, but DailyTwoCents had some minor earnings, the first time in a while, and there were also small amounts from HubPages and the general site. AdSense income as a whole, including YouTube income, was down, although the latter only slightly.

Earnings from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising on InfoBarrel was allegedly $10.97, down from the previous month. There are still definite problems with the income reporting on the site and the owners still don’t care about it. How much longer the site will keep going with the almost total lack of interest from those running it is a good question. Moving all my articles from the site, given that I have well over a thousand, is not something I’m looking forward to doing.


Amazon US income was $27.65 with 29 shipped items, down from February and lower than March 2016. After months of improving income, with each month beating the same time in the previous year, it is now struggling a bit again. All of the income came from the electronics site. Amazon UK earnings were £3.79 from 2 items dispatched, down a bit from March, with all of the income coming from the electronics site.


I published the five role playing game supplements mentioned earlier on RPGNow in April. This included two Pathfinder supplements, one of which was an April Fool’s Day pay what you want offering and my first supplement for the Hero Kids system. Three of the supplements were of types that I consider to be better quality than average.

There were 232 sales across 59 supplements earning $178.45 after RPGNow’s cut, down quite a bit from March but there was no sale on the site this month.

There were some more Kindle page reads, more than the previous month but nothing spectacular and no sales. I did run another free promotion, but nothing really accomplished from doing this. Kindle earnings were £0.08, hardly anything but still higher than in many months.

Niche Sites

As well as the six articles mentioned earlier I published 18 posts on the electronics site. As it commonly does, it accounted for the majority of the AdSense income and all of the Amazon income.

I finally made a bit of progress with the overhaul of the clothing site, moving three articles into the new structure, having found a 301 redirection plug-in that did want I wanted, but the redesign is not going as fast as it should be nor am I publishing new content at anything close to a decent rate – or at all most months. No new content was published.

As well as the fifteen articles mentioned earlier I also published 45 smaller posts on the science fiction site, again the latter being former Bubblews posts that have been slightly tweaked. The amount of content on the site, especially with quite a few new, longer, articles being published, is increasing fairly well.

As well as the article mentioned earlier, I published six posts and six pages on the RPG site. There may, or may not, have been a sale from the site, as there were some affiliate earnings of $0.05 for a newly released supplement but the tracking codes didn’t match up with any places the affiliate link was posted; however, they do get overwritten. If there was a sale I made both the money from the sale and the affiliate revenue.

Once again, nothing new to report on the writing site. The time I would probably have spent on it I have been spending on the clothing site instead.


I published 35 posts on myLot and earned $1, down quite a bit from March. As I mentioned last month, I’ve been spending my time elsewhere rather than on myLot recently.


I published 16 microblogs on bitLanders, with nothing longer published this month.


I published the 26 articles mentioned earlier on the general site, which included quite a few articles I would formerly have published on InfoBarrel. The amount of content on the site is increasing fairly quickly (in fact it’s probably increasing faster than InfoBarrel from all the writers at the moment). As well as a tiny amount of AdSense income, it earned 3 cents from InfoLinks, the highest amount since I started using the network again.

I also purchased a new theme for the site; I have been waiting to see if it was discounted for some time.

Plans for May

I completed backing up the articles on InfoBarrel that I bought from Vic Dillinger so now I need to move on to those from Dreamaker.

I plan to continue the rebuild of the clothing site in May as well as install the new theme on the general site. The theme will undoubtedly require some tweaking, which may take it into next month.

I am starting to struggle a bit for role playing game supplements that I can complete to keep up with my weekly schedule, at least written ones. I am writing enough, but many are not finished and will not be for some time. I do have quite a bit of graphics-based supplements to release, so I can always fall back on these if needed.

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