My Writing Progress Report for March 2017

Notebook and PenIn March I published 29 articles on the general site (22,260 words), 9 articles on the science fiction site (5,273 words), 4 role playing game supplements (14,654 words) and 2 blog posts (1,522 words). Notably, this was the first month with nothing published on InfoBarrel since I started writing there, not even the monthly update of this type was published on the site. InfoBarrel appears to be rapidly going down the pan due to utter lack of interest on the part of the owners.

The total number of words written in March was 54,998, down slightly from February.

Writing Related Earnings for March

A dollar sign.AdSense income for March was £5.03, up substantially from February with the majority, once again, earned by the electronics site, although the clothing site did earn some (one of its highest months frankly) and there were some tiny earnings from the general site. AdSense income as a whole was up, with YouTube up as well.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 income from InfoBarrel was $13.12, up from the previous month. However, there are still definite errors in the income reporting and still nothing has been done about them. The site is not worth publishing on any longer due to lack of interest in either it or its members by the owners.


Amazon US income was $42.15, up from February, with sixteen items shipped. All the shipped items were from the electronics site; however, there were five bounties earned by InfoBarrel as well which did increase the income. Notably, the Amazon US earnings from InfoBarrel were substantially higher than the posted Tier 1 and Tier 2 earnings. Amazon UK earned £4.60 with four items dispatched, all from the electronics site, up substantially from February but Amazon UK income is still much more erratic, with so few sales it doesn’t take much to affect earnings quite a lot.


I published the four role playing game supplements mentioned earlier on RPGNow in March. One of the supplements was a pay what you want and the other three were all what I consider to be a better quality. There were 371 sales across 86 supplements earning $259.75 after RPGNow’s cut. This was up substantially from February and the third best month overall. The GM’s Day Sale occurred during the month, which did make a difference, and the better quality supplements are proving to be more consistent sellers. There was a sale of 49 supplements – primarily the cheaper ones – to a single customer, which is I think the second largest single sale to date.

I also ran a freebie on a Kindle ebook, my cheapest, but all that happened, apart from a few free sales, was a couple of page reads which earned 1 cent. Kindle is not proving to be very successful as yet as a writing platform.

Niche Sites

Nothing new was published on the electronics site but once again it accounted for the vast majority of the AdSense income and the majority of the Amazon income.

Nothing new was added to the clothing site this month, although the AdSense earnings from it placed it second for the month, although well behind the electronics site.

As well as the nine articles mentioned earlier I also published 48 smaller posts, largely former Bubblews posts, on the science fiction site. I have stepped up the publication rate on the site, but there were no earnings for the month. Currently, it’s probably second behind the electronics site in terms of word count, although the general site is currently increasing in word count rapidly.

I published 7 posts and 5 pages on the RPG site but no income or sales were generated.

Nothing new to report on the writing site again.


I published 37 posts on myLot and earned $1.51, down quite a bit from February. I haven’t been as active on the site; it really isn’t a suitable place for spending prime working hours.


I published 29 microblogs and 2 blogs on bitLanders. None of what was published was particularly brilliant, with the two blogs only being rated 2/5 each. However, this was the score that was being aimed for, so there are no complaints. The two blogs were only in the 2-300 word range and once would have been posted on Bubblews.


I published the 29 articles mentioned earlier on the general site; again, many of these, if not most of them, would previously have been published on InfoBarrel. There was a tiny amount of AdSense income earned but nothing from InfoLinks this month.

There would also appear to have been $0.15 in affiliate earnings from RPGNow, although these are hard to keep track of as their source is not reported, only what was sold, and at some point may become largely impossible. The reason this is probably from this site is because it was a sale of a supplement whose link was clicked from here.

Plans for April

Given the problems with InfoBarrel I plan to back up my articles on the site, starting with those I purchased from Vic Dillinger and moving on to those purchased from Dreamaker, because I lack backups for either of these. I will then start backing up my own articles; even though I do have these backed up many live articles have minor changes from the saved ones.

I have enough role playing game supplements to take me through to the end of April, although beyond that is a bit uncertain currently. I also hope to start making more progress with my revamp of the clothing niche site.

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