My Writing Progress Report for February 2017

Notebook and PenIn February I published 23 articles on the general site (13,136 words), 8 articles on the science fiction site (3,979 words), 4 role playing game supplements (8,690 words), 3 articles on bitLanders (3,396 words), 2 articles on the clothing site (1,100 words), 1 InfoBarrel article (1,077 words) and 1 blog post (595 words). I also reposted a former Bubblews article (705 words) on the clothing site.

The total number of words written in February was 57,429, up substantially from January.

A dollar sign.Writing Related Earnings for February

AdSense income for February was £1.62, down again from January, mostly from the electronics site with a tiny amount from the general site. AdSense income as a whole was down for February although YouTube income was up.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 income from InfoBarrel was a pathetic, and still unbelievably bad, $10.62. This was slightly up from January, but is still down something like 80%. If this is actually genuine – which is by no means certain – the redesign of the site has badly hurt income, income that was already down for no discernible reason. Notably, I have now stopped publishing on InfoBarrel, because it simply isn’t worth spending time on any longer.


Amazon US income for February was $33.31 with 18 items shipped, down from both January and February last year. It appears that Amazon have abolished the referral percentages (something they did on Amazon UK some time ago) and it’s uncertain what difference that has made to income. Amazon UK earned £0.64 from 1 item dispatched, up slightly from January (which was nothing) but down from February last year. All the sales were from the electronics site, but that hasn’t been performing as well over the past few months.


I published the four role playing game supplements mentioned earlier on RPGNow in February, one of which was my second Pathfinder supplement. There were 91 sales across 36 supplements earning $65.31, down from last month and also down from February last year, but in that month I did publish what are currently my second and third bestselling supplements and nothing comparable was really published this year, only the Pathfinder supplement just before the end of the month. This last did account for a notable percentage of the income.

Once again, nothing new to report for Kindle.

Niche Sites

Once again, nothing new was published on the electronics site and once again it accounted for all of the Amazon income and the vast majority of the AdSense income.

I republished a former Bubblews article on the clothing site, added content to a placeholder page and published a completely new article on the site. All the old Bubblews articles are now added to the site and it now needs to be rebuilt; a redirect plugin would be useful here but I haven’t found one that seems suitable as yet.

As well as the 8 articles mentioned earlier I also published 25 posts on the science fiction site. I want to increase the publishing rate on this site as I have a lot of content that needs pushing out.

I published 5 posts and 4 pages on the RPG site and it accounted for one small sale, although no affiliate revenue from this. Still, the affiliate revenue is simply a slight boost to the actual source of income, the supplement sales.

Once again, there is nothing new to report on the writing site.


I published 35 posts on myLot and earned $2.41, up slightly from January and now the second best month since my return, even with it being a short month.


I published 34 microblogs as well as the three articles mentioned earlier. All three articles got the second highest score of 4/5 stars, which does make the score for the first article look poor in comparison. With the changes, I didn’t publish any of the shorter blogs like I used to. The site is earnings money, although I haven’t cashed out as yet; as some will be reinvested, I won’t count the money until it’s withdrawn.


I published the 23 articles mentioned earlier on the general site; notably, this included quite a few articles that I would previously have published on InfoBarrel. The majority of the content is still reviews of role playing game supplements, but I am reading a lot of these at the moment. I am also looking at getting a new theme instead of the default to both improve the appearance of the site and increase the amount of advertising on it; currently, it has very little. More advertising will mean more revenue, but I wanted to increase the amount of published content first. There were some earnings from the site, 1 cent from InfoLinks and a tiny amount of AdSense income.

Plans for March

I have enough role playing game supplements ready to take me through to the end of March, and possibly beyond, although I want to create one for April 1st, as that falls on my normal release day.

I still want to rebuild the clothing site, but haven’t managed to as yet.

One thing that I have stopped doing is publishing on InfoBarrel – including these reports, which always used to be there. There’s simply no point in wasting any more time on a site whose owners clearly no longer have any interest in running it, unless running it into the ground counts. I am now pretty certain that the site will die at some point; it’s unfortunate that I have such a huge amount of content on it.

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