Earnings for December 2016

A dollar sign.This is a summary of the income, both received and accumulated, that was earned during December 2016.

The earnings are divided into two main categories, Accumulated and Received. Accumulated earnings also detail any payments received from that category during the month. Earnings are then further broken down into the areas from which the earnings were made. Earnings for the previous month follow the current month’s revenue in brackets.

For a full breakdown of article related progress and earnings, see the complete article on InfoBarrel.

Most of the work done during the month was related to articles, and any associated affiliate programmes, rather than other sources.

RedGage earnings are, as has been the standard for some time, still missing.

Fizzy is still not earning anything, and whether or not the outstanding earnings will ever be paid is still open to question.

Amazon US earnings increased again, the highest for the year, but less than half the earnings for the same period in 2015. Amazon UK earnings increased and were above those in December 2015, but appear lower due to being converted to US$ from UK£ – the lower exchange rate is responsible for the apparent drop.

InfoBarrel advertising earnings continue to be extremely, and unbelievably, poor, and the competition appears to have been removed as well. This makes it debatable as to whether the site is worth writing on any longer.

Earnings from the role playing game supplements on RPGNow declined sharply again, being a bit over half the previous month’s income. This was not unexpected though, and it was still the fifth best month. A large portion of the income came from the first supplement published for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Some of the links in this section are affiliate links that can earn me a commission, or revenue share, at no extra expense to you.

Accumulated Income

Accumulated income is earnings from the month that were accumulated to accounts, to be paid out at a later date.

Affiliate Programmes:

AdSense: $24.08 ($15.27) – This includes YouTube income and has been converted to dollars from pound Sterling.

Amazon: $200.87 ($91.98)

Amazon UK: $28.91 ($20.47) – This has been converted to US$ from UK£

InfoLinks: $0 ($0)

Miscellaneous: $14.01 ($8.64)

RPGNow: $2.29 ($3.18)


These are, currently, earnings from games on the Flash platform.

Fizzy: $0 ($0)

GamesChart: $0.00 ($0.00)

Kongregate: $0.10 ($0.04)

MindJolt: $0.03 ($0.10)

Writing Sites:

These are earnings from various writing sites that aren’t received through other affiliate programmes, such as from Google AdSense and Amazon.

Daily Two Cents: $0 ($0) – Daily Two Cents earnings are now made from AdSense, and will no longer be included.

Expertscolumn: $0 ($0)

HubPages: – Well, I’ve learned that you can’t disclose HubPages’ earning figures, so these will no longer be listed here.

myLot: $1.36 ($1.70)

InfoBarrel: $17.11 ($46.26) This still doesn’t look accurate

Writedge: $0 ($0) As with Daily Two Cents, earnings are now made from AdSense, and will no longer be included.

eBook Sales

Kindle: $0 ($0)

RPGNow: $114.90 ($220.15)

TOTAL: $403.67 ($412.28)

Received Payments (Monthly):

These were payments received during the month, excluding any mentioned earlier under accumulated. These are programmes for which a monthly payment, or payments, is usual, rather than those which build up to reach the payment threshold. This includes those that make the occasional monthly payment without accumulating earnings.

Affiliate Programmes:

CPMStar: $0 ($0)

Epic Game Ads: $0 ($0)

Swagbucks: $24.81 ($12.49) – This has been converted to US$ from UK£

Writing Sites:

Again, this is money that wasn’t earned through other affiliate programmes.

bitLanders: $0 ($0)


Advertising: $0 ($0)

eBay: $0 ($0)

Misc. Sales: $0 ($0)

TOTAL: $ ($12.49)

The total for accumulated and received income during December 2016 was $428.48 excluding actual payments received from the Accumulated Income section. The latter will already be taken into consideration in prior months, when applicable.

November earnings in total were $424.77, so there was an increase of $3.71.

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