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Flash LogoThis morning I received two emails, one from FGL and one from Kongregate, both saying that MochiMedia are shutting down on March 31st. Nothing from MochiMedia itself though.

I checked, and it’s true – they are. I haven’t gone through everything as yet, but this is going to have a significant effect on tens of thousands of games on thousands of sites. The high scores and Publisher Bridge won’t work any longer, so that means no high scores on any sites that have implemented it. Any games out there will stop earning money for the developers from advertising, until they are updated with new ads – there are alternatives, such as FGLAds, CPMStar and Epic Game Ads, but they still need implementing. With Live Updates shutting down, many games will now revert to old, possibly broken versions, and there will be no way of updating games and pushing the changes out to every site. Instead, every single site will need to upload a new game, and it’s probable that won’t happen in many cases.

This is a potentially devastating impact on the Flash games market, both for developers and for portals. Sure, Flash is in a decline due to mobile, but it’s still quite significant. Sites such as Kongregate which use their own advertising and high scores will do better, but smaller portals could well suffer.

There are even offers on the table to buy Mochi which their owners, Shanda Games, are ignoring. The decision looks to have been made counter to what Mochi staff want. There also has been very little warning – 2 weeks – before the service is shut down, and that surely can’t have been a decision made that quickly. Shanda looks to be confirming peoples’ opinion of them as a company. Maybe there’s something underhand going on here on there behalf, not Mochi’s. I never considered them to be a suitable owner of the company.

I’m close to the threshold this month, but it’s so close I’ll probably have to fill a form in to make sure I get my last $100(ish) out.

I haven’t been spending as much time on Flash games recently (looks like that was a good idea now) but I still have some almost finished games that will need publishing. I have only been earning about $0.30 to $0.50 per day recently from Mochi, but that’s still money from work I did years ago. It won’t affect my entire Flash game income, but it’s doubtful whether it’s going to be worth updating my existing portfolio.

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