Seekyt Changes How its Revenue Share Works

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Seekyt logoThe revenue sharing writing site Seekyt recently changed how their revenue share calculation is done. Previously, the site had a fixed revenue share percentage with a percentage of any referrals ads.

This has been changed and, like InfoBarrel, they are now using a sliding scale for revenue sharing but, unlike the latter site, the percentage is permanent and doesn’t need to be achieved again every month.

There are cumulative percentage increases earned for achieving certain levels in various areas, with a maximum revenue percentage of 99% possible.

Some of the changes are good, such as those for articles, comments and followers, with articles giving the largest percentage increases, both overall and at the various milestones.. My experiences with, for example, Bubblews suggest that a site that has regular commenting is liked by Google and helps keep a site “fresh” and ranking well, so an increase in the comments should be helpful to the site as a whole and specific articles in particular. The comments should really be relevant to the article though, and not just there for the sake of commenting.

“I would rather make one percent of a hundred men’s efforts than one hundred percent of my own.” J. Paul Getty

The final area, and the one I personally don’t actually like, is how the income from referrals has been changed. Now, instead of getting a percentage of your referrals impressions, you will just get a 1% bonus to your own articles with 10 referrals and a maximum 6% cumulative bonus at 50 referrals.

Yes, it’s true that most referrals pretty much anywhere don’t do anything but, for those that are active, I would prefer a percentage of what they do rather than a slightly increased percentage of what I do. It may be necessary to get at least 50 referrals find one that actually writes something so that you can start earning impressions from them, but I would still prefer this way. Especially as the referral I have has actually written a number of articles.

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