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Expertscolumn LogoI’ve just submitted my first “column” or article on Expertscolumn. Expertscolumn is another revenue sharing writing site that is a bit more advanced than an old-style article directory although it does not (as yet anyway) to be at the sort of formatting levels of sites such as InfoBarrel. There does not appear to be a method of adding images to columns, so they are pretty much straight text.

Expertscolumn requires a higher standard of writing than, for example, Bubblews. Every account is manually approved and it is necessary to submit a sample of your work first. Each column must be a minimum of 300 words except for recipes and poetry – which makes it one of the rare sites that actually accept poetry on a revenue share, so worth taking a look at if you do write poetry.

You are allowed a maximum of three external links in each column, which must be added at the end of the column. Internal links are encouraged but I’m not sure as yet whether these have to be at the bottom of the column also and whether they count towards the total number of links. You can add straight URL links which will render when the column is published; it looks like you may be able to do keyword based links also but I’m not totally certain of that yet.

Expertscolumn pays per view on each column (CPM). The amount you get paid will vary based on the amount of money the column earns. This can be affected by the quality of the traffic to the column; traffic from some countries and regions, such as the US, can be a lot more valuable than from others such as the People’s Republic of China. The advantage of this is it’s not necessary to apply for, for example, a Google AdSense account yourself – a process that keeps getting more difficult. This means that you can start earning from your writing immediately without having to go to the expense of creating your own site.

Shortly after I had joined but before my account was approved the site suffered a major outage resulting in the possibly permanent loss of thousands of columns. Although the site admin has altered how backups are done and stated that it won’t happen again, this does shows the importance of backing up your own work personally.

Expertscolumn has a minimum payment threshold of $5, with payment to either PayPal or Moneybookers. Payments must be manually requested and are paid on a five day cycle. There is also a referral program so you can get a percentage of the revenue generated by writers you refer to the site.

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