First Squidoo Payment Received

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Squidoo LogoAfter almost 6 years, I have finally received my first payment from Squidoo. The amount received was $7.58 and was for earnings from December 2012 which included a small amount in the Reserve Hopper from earnings earlier in the year. The money was earnings from Amazon US sales through Squidoo’s built in program and a bit of tier 3 earnings.

The time it took has nothing to do with the site itself. I hadn’t published my first lens (the name for an article on Squidoo) until last year. It wasn’t until the end of November 2012 that I actually started to get Squidoo and started publishing a lot more lenses. It will likely take a bit more time for my lenses to start properly maturing and earning income, assuming that my research for the lenses was good enough to generate sales.

Earnings from January look like they will be higher than December’s, and February’s higher still, so it looks like the income from Squidoo is increasing, even in one of the poorest times of the year for sales.

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