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InfolinksI’ve received my first affiliate payment from Infolinks via PayPal which was for $54.54. I would have received a payment a couple of weeks sooner but I hadn’t filled out the tax details because I thought the payment threshold set was $100, not $50. A higher threshold can be set if desired.

Infolinks is a contextual advertising network which can be used alongside other networks such as Google AdSense. It has a number of different ad solutions; InText, InSearch, InTag and InFrame. Once the advertising code is added to the web page, you can then choose from your Infolinks dashboard which ads to use on each site. You can also customise the appearance of ads from the dashboard. Before ads can be shown on a site, it needs to be approved by Infolinks.

Infolinks InText AdInText ads underline words and phrases on each web page, generating ads based on these. Hovering the cursor over the text brings up an ad, which can then be clicked upon by a visitor.

InSearch targets search traffic. Visitors who visit a page through a search engine see ads related to the term they searched for in a footer at the bottom of the web page.

InTag gives a range of keywords related to the content. These are displayed in a tag cloud which, like the InText ads, also have an ad which appears when they are hovered over.

InFrame will, on monitors which are wide enough, slide in two skyscraper banners, one on each side of the screen, with ads appropriate to the content. They are designed to only appear when there is enough unused space to show them when the browser window your site is being viewed with is wider than your actual content.

As well as by PayPal, Infolinks will pay by eCheque/Local Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Payoneer Pre-Paid debit Card and Cash via Western Union. Payments can also be held.

Currently, I’m only using the InText ads, although I may add others. The InText ads are usually generating less income than AdSense, but it does provide an extra stream of revenue for a site. I’m not going to use them everywhere, but on some sites Infolinks is a valuable addition.


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