Article Update for the Fortnight Ending 30th December

Here are the articles published on InfoBarrel and Squidoo for the fortnight ending December 30th.

Movie Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

This is the first film in The Hobbit trilogy, which prequels The Lord of the Rings.

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Another retelling of the Snow White fairy tale starring Kirsten Stewart.

Over the Door Coat Rack

An over the door coat racks allows a rack to be added to a door without causing permanent damage.

Coat Rack with Bench

These provide a place to sit and a place to hang your coat.

Twin Tuner Freeview Recorder

Twin tuner Freeview recorders allow a different channel to the one being watched to be recorded.

Wrought Iron Coat Hooks

A variety of hooks made from iron for hanging coats up on.

Clothes Rack on Wheels

Clothes can be hung on these and then the rack can be moved around.

Space Saving Clothes Hangers

A space saving hanger increases the amount of clothes that can be hung in a wardrobe.

Over the Door Ironing Board

An over the door ironing board provides a place to put and use an ironing board if space is limited.

Stainless Steel Tool Box

A tool box made from stainless steel is strong and durable.

Dressing Table with Stool

Having a stool provides a place to sit when using a dressing table or vanity.

Valentine Garland

Hang up Valentine garlands to decorate a Valentine’s party.

Stainless Steel Coffee Table

Stainless steel provides a modern look to the standard coffee table.

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