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Epic Game Ads is a new advertising network I’ve just started using on several of the game portals.

It’s similar in some ways to CPMStar in that it is just aimed at games sites. There are also a variety of different ad sizes, again like CPMStar.

It doesn’t have CPMStar’s site skin ad, but it does have a popunder. Yes, they can be a bit annoying but the popunder will only show once in every 24 hours. The eCPM of the popunder is also quite decent – it can be up to $11 for US traffic. I;ve used the popunder because that can easily be used in conjunction with the CPMStar ads.

The popunder is the only ad I’ve used so far. I started adding it to sites near the end of August. So far, I’ve received payments of $1.23 from them, so they do pay. Earnings are not enormous so far, but every bit helps.

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