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BubblewsI’ve mentioned Bubblews in a couple of recent article updates. Bubblews is a site that shares revenue with writers. It’s sort of a micro blogging site, although there is no real limit to the length of the post you can write.

Posts appear in the New Bubblews Stream, which shows the nine most recent bubbles published, although older ones can also be viewed by scrolling through the feed. The most popular bubbles for each day of the past week are also shown, as well as many of the currently popular bubbles.

The majority of my posts have been fairly small ones that summarise and link to other articles and items that I found interesting, but I’ve also written a handful of longer articles in the 400 words or so range.

Bubblews is quite a good site for publishing anything that may get quite a bit of traffic. Links can also be included in articles, although they are URL links. Some of my posts link to articles I’ve published elsewhere.

I’m finding that articles typically generate an initial chunk of revenue – the amount can vary depending on how popular the post is initially with other members – but will continue to generate money after that, possibly from search engine related traffic or links from other articles and your profile.

Revenue is earned from article views, likes and comments. The more popular a post is, the more money it will make, especially as the more popular it is, the longer it will stay on the front page as a bubble, or at the top of the BubblePulse! Headlines page, which can greatly increase the earnings from it.

Bubblews has so far shown itself to be a good site to earn money from from small articles and fairly random posts. The more articles that are published, the greater your day to day earnings seem to be, as the more chance there is that visitors will view or like an existing article. What I think is my highest earning post has earned, I think, about $1.22. It’s also one of my article sized posts.

The payout threshold is $25 so far I’ve received two payouts coming to a combined $50.28, both payments received very promptly by PayPal.

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