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CPMStar Payment Received

I’ve received another payment from CPMStar, this time for $9.81. It seems CPMStar revenue is trending upwards, although the majority of the revenue is from one site.

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Epic Game Ads

Epic Game Ads is a new advertising network I’ve just started using on several of the game portals. It’s similar in some ways to CPMStar in that it is just aimed at games sites. There are also a variety of … Continue reading

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I’ve mentioned Bubblews in a couple of recent article updates. Bubblews is a site that shares revenue with writers. It’s sort of a micro blogging site, although there is no real limit to the length of the post you can … Continue reading

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MochiAds Payment Received

I’ve received another payment of $131.89 from MochiMedia. I’m not actually sure what period this covers though, as Mochi have stopped giving as detailed overview reports. It does seem likely that it was from May to August, as there were … Continue reading

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Article Update for the Period Ending September 23rd

Here is an update of the articles submitted to InfoBarrel, Seekyt and Bubblews. Movie Review: Hugo Hugo is set in the ‘tween wars period in Paris and is a nice family film. Dining Out at Le Mistral on Market Place … Continue reading

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