SEO Tips: 5 Important Elements your Site Must Have

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This is a guest post on SEO by Diana Maria, a blogger and a writer. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Acer Aspire TimelineX attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on the most expensive guitar.

Creating websites is not just a matter of technology or design; there are SEO aspects also involved. A good website is the one that considers SEO rights from the beginning of its existence and requires little rework too soon. It is always a great team behind every successful website and some coordination between the analysts, developers, designers, and SEO consultants can do wonders to a website. Following is a list of 5 things that every good website must have.

1. An interesting landing page

The landing page, which is usually the home page, is the face of your website. It is the page that has the power of creating an everlasting first impression on the visitors. It has to be well designed, easy to navigate and able to engage the visitor for a while. The homepage should be clearly able to communicate the purpose of your website so that the visitors know what they can expect from a single glance. Don’t make them scroll and strain their eyes to know this, put the information right in front of them so that they can be sure that they are at the right place.

2. The about us page

This page is the most important page after the landing page and it is surprising that many websites and blogs do not have it. Keep it professional but not necessarily boring. Add some personality to it so that people can relate to it. Mention who you are, what you do, when and how you started, your major accomplishments etc. Remember it is not a place to give your bio data, just a little vital information.

3. Fresh and clear content

Al right, SEO is important. But does your website content suck? Is it just for the search engines with no sentence making sense and creating an urge to read more? Well, just for a reminder, the visitors to your websites are real people and if the content does not make sense to you, it will not make sense to them. Keep your content interesting and easy to understand. Search engines also like fresh content because it shows that you are serious and the content is best for your visitors to read.

4. Call for action

No, I do not mean that you hang the yellow star-shaped ‘buy now’ graphic all over your website. But do tell the visitors what they can do next. The copy should be compelling enough so that the visitors not only know what to do but also have an urge to do it. Just keep it simple and sophisticated but provide them with the necessary links and other information that the visitors need to know to perform the action.

5. Contact Page

Admit it. You don’t know what might come your way. By not having a contact page, you are yourself closing a door to many opportunities that might come your way. You get no direct leads, no feedback or suggestions, no communication. Give them a way to connect to you. Share your social networking details so that you can connect better with your audience and engage them.

There are many other elements that make a good website but the above are just inevitable. If you don’t have any of the above in your website, just include it and see the difference. There is a lot more to be captured than what already is. The internet has unlimited to potential and these tips can help you tap more of it.

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