Actual Monthly Earnings for January

This is money that was actually received during January, not just theoretical future earnings.

Affiliate Earnings:

AdSense: £62.73
CPMStar: $1.85
myLot: $10.51
V7N: $23.72

This is after deducting PayPal fees.


It’s been getting more and more difficult to assign expenses to any particular eBay sale, so this month I’ve changed the method. Rather than the particular cost of selling an item, I’m using the total amount spent during the month, which does include expenses for previous and future months, but is a lot easier to calculate. PayPal and packaging expenses are still specific to items, being easier to calculate.

This is likely to cause some weird shifts in eBay profits, depending on stock purchases, although over the year it should balance out. Consequently, list profits will probably be higher in some months than actual profit, due to stock expenses not showing up until the next month, and vice versa.

The difficulty in working out the income is why these reports have been getting later, plus the accuracy was decreasing.

Profit: £202.97

This is after deducting PayPal fees, eBay fees, post & packing fees and stock cost.


MochiMedia: $137.97

Web Directory Advertising:

This is after deducting PayPal fees. $81.51

Total Earnings for January:

£265.70 and $219.48

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