Why I Read the Smart Passive Income Blog

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Smart Passive Income, if you haven’t heard of it, is the blog by Pat Flynn in which he details his ongoing online business and the various ways he goes about creating online passive income.

I came across a link to in in early 2011, and have been reading it since then. Now I have my BlackBerry PlayBook, I’m slowly working my way through the blog from the beginning, as well as reading some of the newer posts.

If you’ve been involved in internet marketing, you will no doubt have come across many of the big name internet marketing “gurus.” Now, these gurus, although many are successful, always seem to base their model on how to make income online by selling products about how to make money online to people wanting to make money online.

It’s difficult to explain, but instead of, say, a product on blogging about how to set up and make money from a blog on any subject, they are more likely to sell a product that teaches how to sell a product on blogging. Which isn’t always what you want.

This is all very well, but if you are wanting to actual make money from a product, rather than selling a product on how to make money, they often don’t help much.

Now, it’s clear from Pat’s monthly income reports that he makes money, and quite a bit of it, from products related to internet marketing, although they do appear to fall into specific categories which he has used himself –  a lot of article and SEO products, web hosting, WordPress and some courses. Not the usual collection of buy it now, before the loophole disappears, secret little-know tactic stuff you usually see.

However, it did not start this way. His first product was an ebook and site, GreenExamAcademy, based on his experiences with the LEED exam (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The exam is a US architecture qualification, and, if you aren’t involved in that field, you probably haven’t heard of it either. The point is, his first experience in marketing online was with an actual product completely unrelated to internet marketing. He also publishes a free ebook, “eBooks the Smart Way” about publishing and marketing an ebook. It’s free, just sign up for his newsletter.

An additional site, SecurityGuardTrainingHQ.com, a niche site he posts regular updates on, is another site unrelated to internet marketing.

So, the reason I like his blog is simple. Although it is a blog on internet marketing, it explores ways of making money from the internet without actually having to sell internet marketing products to people interested in internet marketing. Which process has always seemed a bit incestuous.

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