Four Websites for Creating Your Facebook Timeline

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This is a guest post on Social Media by Stella Brown, a lifestyle blogger and Facebook master! She checks every post with a dependable grammar checker. Her favourite Shakespeare work is Hamlet. What’s yours?

If you’ve switched your Facebook profile over to Timeline, what have you decided on using as your cover photo? You want to select something truly awesome that will impress your friends, and you definitely don’t want to leave the space blank. If you need some help, there are a few great websites that will allow you to create your own cover photo quickly, easily, and for free. Check out these websites, and make the cover of your Timeline something that truly illustrates who you are.
This is one of the best free websites for creating your very own personalized cover photo. This website allows you to design and customize your cover photo from scratch. You can select from a predesigned background or frame, or you can start with a blank photo. Then, upload and add any photos you want, and arrange them however you like. You can add and edit text, use different filters to create various different effects, and draw in a style similar to Microsoft Paint. There is even a feature that will allow you to blend your profile picture with your cover photo for a seamless, incredibly unique creation.
This website is great for helping you design the Facebook page of your business, and it also has an application that allows you to create a cover photo for free. The cover photos are great for people who want to advertise their business or their other websites and social media profiles. You’ll select from any of the attractive, predesigned templates, and then add in your own text and links to other sites. You can add a company logo if you’d like. You can edit the text and background images. When you’re finished, just download the cover photo to your computer and save it.
If you’re looking for a very easy way to design a custom cover photo, this site is great. After you allow it to connect to your Facebook profile, it will automatically generate custom covers for you using your profile pictures. There are lots of different layouts and styles to choose from, and you can choose a cover that includes one or multiple photos, just your name, or photos and your name. “Remix” the pictures until you find a combination you like, and automatically add your cover to your profile. This is a very simple, free service that is great for those who want a cool photo but aren’t too design-savvy.
If you’re looking for a simple, stock cover photo for your Timeline, this website has a lot to choose from. There are hundreds of premade and pre-sized cover photos that you can select. You can’t customize them, but it’s a great place to start if you want something quick to fill in your Timeline. When you click on a photo, you can preview it at the top of the screen and see how it will look on your profile. It will also tell you how many other people have used the same image.

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