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I’ve decided to set some goals this year to better focus my efforts and results. I’m not easily bored, but I do get distracted by things that interest me, so having some fixed targets should improve performance.

I’ve come up with a couple so far. After reading a post by Vic Dillinger on InfoBarrel, where he said that he set a goal for the number of words to write in a day, I’ve decided to write on average t least 1,000 words per day. This should create a lot of articles to be used for promotion and revenue generation. Two weeks in and over 15,000 words written so far. Plus a number of pictures.

This is probably going to create enough articles that I’m considering a joining the Writers Challenges of 500 articles in a year.

The next goal is a game related one, which is to create a minimum of one new game every month. Preferably more.

This could be made much easier if all I did was reskin – without creating new graphics – the Wordsearch and Pairs games. I could probably do several a day if that was a goal, but that’s boring.

The first game, January’s, was Wordsearch: Easter, which was completed by the end of January, although not approved for advertising until February. Yes, it’s another wordsearch, but it wasn’t just a reskin.

These are my two initial goals. There are more potential one, but I need to plan them out a bit more first.

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