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I’ve now passed the 20 article and 10,000 words marks at InfoBarrel. My total views on my articles are only a bit more than 100 currently, and quite a few of those are my own views. No income has been earned yet either.

Having said that, I hadn’t expected to have achieved much in the way of income yet. It’s about three months since my first article went live, which isn’t really long enough yet to start seeing any real results.

My future plans for further development on InfoBarrel are as follows:

More articles: I would like to get up to at least 150 articles, with a reasonably short length of time.

Longer articles: Many are currently under 500 words long, with quite a few – especially recipes – under 400 words.

Keywords and SEO: I haven’t done any research into improving the keywords in articles as yet, at least partly due to the amount of keywords abuse I’ve seen in my article directory.

Better performing articles: Like the keyword and SEO research mentioned above, I need to start writing article that are on more popular subjects. Many of the articles I’ve currently written are extremely narrow in their demand, or are unlikely to generate many click-throughs on displayed ads.

Better interlinking of articles: I’ve already started putting links in new and old articles to other, related articles on InfoBarrel, but this could be improved.

Better use of self-serving links: You are allowed two external self-serving links in your signature, and two in an article, although the article links are more restricted. Currently, I’m not making full use of the number of links allowed, either in articles or in some signatures, nor are my links especially productive, as they mostly just link to categories in both my article and web directories.

These links could probably be used to much greater effect by linking to related products, or building niche sites on the same subject matter as the articles.

Increased use of media: Pictures should be added to articles lacking them, or increased in number in some of the articles that have them.

External links: I would like to add links on external sites pointing to my InfoBarrel articles, other than from my own sites or social sites.

There are similar writing sites that also profit share advertising revenue or impressions, which I will look into.

About Me: Currently, I have nothing in the About Me section on my profile page. This needs to be altered.

Better article formatting: One of the best Google AdSense ads displayed on articles is the skyscraper. To display this, an article not only needs to be long enough, but also using several content modules instead of just one can stop it from being displayed.

I’ve purchased the InfoBarrel Success ebook (actually, many ebooks) written by two of the best performers, x3xsolxdierx3x and JCMayer777. Now they just need reading.

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