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I’ve released Wordsearch: Christmas on Kongregate. Before releasing it there, I made a change to how the click-away ad space functions there. As Kongregate doesn’t allow third-party advertising networks on their site, where the MochiAds click-away ad would be is just a simple button that links to one of my games sites.

I’ve altered this so, if the game detects that it is hosted on Kongregate, an external swf is loaded that has links and images to other games of mine on the site. Currently, all the images are embedded in the swf, but this seems to be bloating the file size somewhat, so I’m probably going to change it so that it only loads the particular image required. The swf picks a game randomly from an array, then displays the ad for that game.

Changing how the ad swf works is pretty easy. As it is hosted in one spot and then loaded into the game – in a similar way to how normal ad networks work – I only need to alter the external swf and upload it again.

This method may help to increase the number of plays of my games on Kongregate. I’m thinking of using a similar method on MindJolt.

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