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Although I’ve been a member of InfoBarrel for some months, I’ve just started adding articles to it.

The site gives you a share (75%) of the ad views for Chitika, Amazon and AdSense on your articles, plus a percentage of any views by your referrals. You need to be a member in these programs to benefit from this, though; the views are shared, not the revenue.

Articles have to be unique to InfoBarrel, although you can rewrite content used elsewhere. There’s a minimum word count for articles of 325 words, although ones over 400 words are advised. This is still smaller than most sites allow – usually over 500 words – and including images and video is not only allowed but encouraged.

Additionally, you are allowed two self-serving links in the article, although not in the first paragraph, and one in your signature.

It’s too soon to see any benefit yet from this; it can easily take 6 months or more for articles to start receiving traffic, and I’ve only added five so far.


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