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Front Page MindJolt Stats for Clock Patience and Payment Threshold Passed

The stats for the three days that Clock Patience was on the front page of MindJolt are as follows. Gameplays: 139,724, Impressions: 341,106, Earnings: $377.99. This has been the best performance of the last three games release, and also means … Continue reading

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Another Wordsearch Game

I’ve finished another game; Wordsearch: U.S. Presidents. Again, there isn’t much difference in actual game play over the last wordsearch; the changes are mostly in the framework and template I’m developing, such as further cleaning up of the template, the … Continue reading

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Clock Patience on MindJolt

Clock Patience has now been released on MindJolt, on the day it was originally scheduled for. This is the last game currently in the approval queue on MJ.

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MochiAds Payment Threshold Passed

The $100 MochiAds payment threshold has been passed again. This means a payment can be expected from them on or around the end of October.

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MindJolt Earnings for August

The total earned from MindJolt in August was $271.90. The majority of this was from Solitaire: Captive Queens which was released in August, with most of the rest coming from Picture Find 2, which was released in July.

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Actual Earnings for August

This is money that was actually received during August, not just theoretical future earnings. Affiliate Earnings: AdSense: £78.85 CPMStar: $3.34 Flash: This is after deducting PayPal fees and commissions MindJolt : $107.54 Sitelocks: £119.85 and $42.75 Web Directory Advertising: This … Continue reading

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CPMStar Payment Received

I’ve received another payment of $3.34 from CPMStar. Although impressions have been high recently, earnings have been low, probably due to a lot of Chinese visitors.

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