First Month with CPMStar

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So, it’s a month since I started adding CPMStar adverts to my sites. Currently, all the adverts on Simply Word Games are CPMStar, and I’ve added site skins to Planet of Zombies.

I haven’t as yet added the banner ads to Planet of Zombies or my Games Portal – the only AdSense ads that are relevant to the site content at the moment tend to be those on games sites, so I’m keeping them their for the moment. The current layout of the Games Portal isn’t really suitable for site skins yet either.

When I release Wordsearch: Card Games, I plan to add CPMStar game ads to that and distribute with them through some of the channels to see how well they do.

The total income from this first month with CPMStar is $6.93, but this is an estimate and could change, quite possibly upwards. CPMStar ads generate income from actions, not just clicks, and I’ve noticed the number of actions change: for example, there may be no actions one day, yet when that same day is checked later, on a following day, there are valid actions.


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