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MochiAds Payment Threshold Passed

I’ve today passed the MochiAds $100 payment threshold. This is for earnings from April to June, and means I should receive a payment by the end of July.

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Brief GamesChart Update

I mentioned in this post that the performance from GamesChart hadn’t been that brilliant at that point. It has now started to improve; I think that although clicks are recorded immediately, earnings from those clicks are calculated on a later … Continue reading

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Wordsearch: Card Games now in Distribution

Wordsearch: Card Games is now available for hosting. Download links and embed code are on the game page. If you want to be notified when a new game is released for hosting, simply sign up at the bottom of the … Continue reading

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The Google Plus 1 Button

See that button at the bottom of this post? That’s Google‘s recently released Plus 1 button, Google’s latest attempt to breach the social networking market and their current answer to the Facebook like. Is it going to be successful? Well, … Continue reading

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First Month with CPMStar

So, it’s a month since I started adding CPMStar adverts to my sites. Currently, all the adverts on Simply Word Games are CPMStar, and I’ve added site skins to Planet of Zombies. I haven’t as yet added the banner ads … Continue reading

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Flash Games Update

It’s six months since the last update, so here are the current total earnings from my Flash games to date from all sources, including both received and owed income. Castle Match: MochiAds: $2.46 MochiAds Publisher: $0.01 TOTAL: $2.47 Castle Match … Continue reading

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Actual Earnings for May

This is money that was actually received during May, not just theoretical future earnings. Affiliate Earnings: AdSense: £91.19 eBay Earnings: This is after deducting PayPal fees, eBay fees, post & packing fees and stock cost. Profit: £0.01 Low profits yet … Continue reading

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