Clock Patience has the Highest Earnings on Newgrounds

So, yesterday I released Clock Patience on Newgrounds. As expected, its rating there hasn’t been very high – 2.52 – it’s not the right type of game and it’s down to chance, but it’s earned almost 3 times as much as every other game there that’s had ad revenue share earnings.

Okay, it only earned $0.41, and it’s going to be a long time at that rate to reach payout, but other games have mostly earned a cent or so. I would infer from this that the ads shown on Newgrounds for revenue share are probably mostly CPC, and that one or more of the ads were clicked on.

This is interesting, because it shows that a reasonable amount of revenue is possible from Newgrounds, if the release is popular enough there, and has consistent impressions, rather than just the initial spike.

I had planned on looking into targeting a game for the Newgrounds audience; this would appear to show that in addition to better distribution, an increase in revenue from an additional source can be achieved.

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