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I’ve decided to make some more niche games sites, like Planet of Zombies. Although that site hasn’t been a huge success, mostly due to lack of investment, it is paying for itself. Largely because the only actual expense is the domain name. Okay, hosting does cost money, but I’ve added the site to my main web server, so the hosting is already paid for. Indeed, it’s actually being wasted if I don’t use it.

Money Source

From money made from Flash games in the past month, namely $1,000 in competition money and $558.47 from MindJolt, I’m going to use a small fraction of that to buy scripts and domain names.


I’ve decided to purchase AV Arcade Pro. Planet of Zombies runs on Arcadem Pro, but I decided to try a different source this time. Okay, making a script from scratch does tend to make your site stand out better, but if you lack skill, time or money to either do this yourself or pay someone else to do it, using an out of the box script and then customising it has its advantages.

A five site license for AV Arcade Pro costs $50, whilst a single license costs $19. Given that I plan a few sites, I purchased the five license version.


There a number of possible niches, some quite heavily used, others less so, and often targeted at different markets.

Some I’m looking into are:
Word games.
Matching pairs games
Tower defence games.
Cards, or solitaire games.
Escape games.
Spot the difference games.
Match 3 games.

Some of these niches have advantages, such as word games or pairs games, in that I already have game engines that can be adapted to create new, if not startlingly different, games to promote the sites.


I’ve started on the first site already, a word games site. The domain has been bought and AV Arcade installed.

Some things that need doing:
Facebook – AV Arcade comes with FB connect built in, so creating a FB application to take advantage of this is a good idea.
Feeds – There are various different feed sources for games available, but they all currently have problems. Some don’t work, and others, such as Mochi, only take the last 1,000 games published. Given that there are tens of thousands of games in Mochi’s catalogue, this needs fixing.
Template – Currently, the default template is being used. This needs changing.

Once I get the site up and running to start, I’ll start promoting it.

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