Actual Earnings for December

  • SumoMe

This is money that was actually received during December, not just theoretical future earnings.

Affiliate Earnings:

Google AdSense: £184.27 – This is actually two months revenue

Flash Earnings:

Sitelocks: $250

eBay Earnings:

Profit: £47.67 approx

These are after deducting PayPal fees, eBay fees, post & packing fees and stock cost. Packaging has a bit of a fudge factor, but is probably reasonable accurate.

The profit is a bit disappointing considering the amount of sales made – getting up for £600 excluding p&p charged. eBay made more than I did, and PayPal fees weren’t far behind.

Web Directory Advertising:

This is after deducting PayPal fees.

DirectoryGold: $673.88 – Unusually high, probably won’t be maintained

Total Earnings:

£231.94 and $923.88

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