Little Bo Peep’s Sheep Toss Live on MindJolt

  • SumoMe

I nearly forgot, but Little Bo Peep’s Sheep Toss was published on MindJolt today.

This is the second game I’ve had published on MindJolt, but this one uses MJ’s new advertising platform. I’ll be interested to see how well it performs; the eCPM for Picture Find on MJ using MochiAds has been $1.35 recently, about my highest.

I’ve heard that the first time a game is played using the new ad system, no ad is shown. This could potentially make a huge difference to the initial earnings for a game.

So far, Little Bo Peep’s Sheep Toss looks like it could well be doing better than Picture Find did; it already has 22 likes in one day as opposed to Picture Find which has only 10 in the over a year it’s been live.

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