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I’m getting more and more irritated with MochiMedia’s insistence on using their ads to drive traffic to their MochiGames portal. Unpaid, unwanted sponsorship of a competing portal for anyone using their APIs. The sheer amount of links in a game is costing traffic, and therefore money. So, I’ve started looking into alternatives. Unfortunately, there aren’t many.

CPMStar is considered one of the best ad networks, but before you can use their ads in games you have to be approved as a publisher. Which I’ve been waiting on for over a year now.

So, I’ve made a version Castle Match 2.1 which uses BannerFlux ads and GamerSafe leaderboards. I picked GamerSafe because it also has a, very beta, bridge for posting scores to the site the game is hosted on. This version can be downloaded here and I’ll probably add more games here, although only ones which use AS3.

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