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It’s been over a year since I last gave an update for all my Flash games. Since then, I have released quite a few new games. Although I haven’t had anywhere near the levels of success of the more proficient game designers, here are the earnings to date.

Castle Match:
MochiAds: $1.33

Castle Match 2:
MochiAds: $0.93

Castle Match 2.1:
MochiAds: $4.36

Easter Egg Match:
MochiAds: $12.16

Easter Egg Match 2:
MochiAds: $5.68
Kongregate: $0.14
TOTAL: $5.82

Easter Egg Slots:
MochiAds: $10.29
Kongregate: $0.22
TOTAL: $10.51

Little Bo Peep’s Sheep Toss:
MochiAds: $9.54
Kongregate: $1.01
Fizzy: $3.96
TOTAL: $14.51

Mars Slider:
MochiAds: $2.72
Kongregate: $1.96
TOTAL: $4.68

Meteor Storm:
MochiAds: $3.85
Kongregate: $1.26
TOTAL: $5.11

Monster Traffic:
MochiAds: $1.47
Kongregate: $1.91

Picture Find:
MochiAds: $252.27
Kongregate: $0.62
TOTAL: $252.89

MochiAds: $3.23

Pyramid Solitaire:
MochiAds: $28.78
Kongregate: $1.45
TOTAL: $30.23

Quiz Me:
MochiAds: $6.24
MochiAds Publisher: $0.01
Kongregate: $0.76
TOTAL: $7.01

Space Match:
MochiAds: $0.63

Space Match 2:
MochiAds: $1.35

Space Match 2.1:
MochiAds: $3.48

Space Slots:
MochiAds: $16.26
MochiAds Publisher: $0.02
Kongregate: $1.02

Sphere Avoider 2:
MochiAds: $0.79
Kongregate: $0.61
TOTAL: $1.40

Sphere Avoider Variant 1:
MochiAds: $1.12
MochiAds Publisher: $0.01
Kongregate: $0.32
TOTAL: $1.45

Sphere Avoider Variant 2:
MochiAds: $1.29
Kongregate: $0.35
TOTAL: $1.64

Sphere Avoider Variant 3:
MochiAds: $1.07
Kongregate: $0.49
TOTAL: $1.56

Spooky Pairs:
MochiAds: $6.62
Kongregate: $0.54
TOTAL: $7.16

Spooky Slots:
MochiAds: $12.62
Kongregate: $0.79
TOTAL: $13.41

The Sky is Falling:
MochiAds: $1.27
Kongregate: $0.60
TOTAL: $1.87

UFO Assault:
MochiAds: $1.84
Kongregate: $2.00
TOTAL: $3.84

Also, $0.01 was earned from Newgrounds, but this wasn’t allocated to any particular game.

The total earned from all games from all sources was $411.26. There was no sponsorship monies made, probably because none of the games are either good or popular enough to attract sponsors as yet. I have a few mostly made games that I’m going to finish before starting work on some, hopefully, more popular games.

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  1. Adrian says:

    I've found which the game the Newgrounds revenue was allocated to, Easter Egg Match 2. This is the only game with Newgrounds revenue share, and it's also the only game that's rated over 3, so perhaps you need to rate at least that highly to be eligible for revenue share.

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