MochiAds Publisher Revenue Compared to AdSense

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For hosting MochiAds games on their sites, publishers get a small fraction (10%) of the games’ advertising earnings from impressions and clicks generated from their site.

Now, it has been stated on a number of occasions that publishers shouldn’t depend on this for revenue, but should use other income sources. So, here’s a rough comparison between AdSense and Mochi publisher revenue.

Games Portal: The games detail pages, which are the way guests play Flash games here, have a couple of AdSense ads on them. In the about 6 weeks or so they’ve been active, AdSense revenue has nearly equaled the total publisher revenue for the past 19 months.

Planet of Zombies: Both AdSense and Mochi publisher earnings started at the same time. In this period, AdSense earnings have been several hundred times the earnings from Mochi as a publisher.

The Flash Games Site has too few MochiAds games to make a realistic comparison, and has also swapped between AdBrite, AdSense and BidVertiser.

So, I would say that monetising your sites through other advertising networks as a publisher will make a substantial difference.

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One Response to MochiAds Publisher Revenue Compared to AdSense

  1. Adrian says:

    As an update, AdSense revenue is now approximately over 1.5 times that of Mochi Publisher earnings. That's in about 10 weeks, compared to the about 20 months for Mochi.