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I’ve managed to make a text file sitemap generator, which admittedly currently needs running manually every time I want to update it, at least until I get the permissions sorted out, at which point I’ll do it by cron job instead. This has some advantages over the dynamically created ones. For instance, one the file is updated, no further usage is put on the database.

Currently, I’ve added three to my main site:

DirectoryGold Sitemap: This lists the details and category pages of the web directory, although as yet not the additional pages some categories require.

Flash Games Sitemap: This is a listing of all the game pages of the currently active Flash games on the games portal. I’ll probably add the categories to it also, then look into adding other parts.

ScriptsGold Resource Repository Sitemap: This lists all category and details pages for the resource repository.

One area I haven’t done yet that needs doing is the Article Directory. Given the different types of pages and complicated mod_rewrite instructions, this will take a bit longer.

Another possibility is to also to use this to create an HTML page with actual live links to the pages also.

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