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I’ve been registered at Facebook for some time, and recently started using it more – I’ve posted about a couple of very basic apps I made (Quiz Me and Picture Find) – but until now I’ve never considered using the advertising available on it. After receiving an email I decided to check it out, because I haven’t been very happy with performance from AdWords.

I’m going to try and run a brief campaign for Valentine’s Day Recipes if it’s approved; however, it’s already apparent that the targeting here is vastly more specific than is available from AdWords.

Areas you can target are:
Age – from a specific year to an age range to all
Birthday – only promote to people on their birthdays
Relationship status
Language – even broken up into different dialects
Interested in
Connections – what Facebook connections they have, either targeted for having those connections, or not having them
Friends of connections

Once these are entered, you will see how many possible people the ad could be shown to. This campaign targets an estimated 10,840 people.

You can then either have CPC or CPM ads, with or without an image, set a maximum bid and a maximum daily spend. Plus you can have it running for a specific period of time, down to the hour.

All in all, this looks like it could be a vastly more accurate method of promotion than AdWords.

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