Kongregate November Earnings

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Total earnings from Kongregate for November were $0.59, down from last month. No new games had been added, and the revenue from Spooky Pairs and Spooky Slots was lower than expected. Oddly, UFO Assault, which is by no mean a particularly good game, keeps outperforming the other games.

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2 Responses to Kongregate November Earnings

  1. filmblogger says:

    Hi, very interesting, i wanna know what about. can u explain?
    i'm registred under your link but i dont know how i can get fund!

  2. Adrian says:

    The way to earn from Kongregate is from the advertising share from Flash games you've uploaded to the site. They must be games you own though; you're not allowed to upload other peoples' games.

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