MochiCoins Launched

MochiAds have launched their Mochi-Coins micro-transactions system. Here are the highlights as posted in the MochiLand Blog:

  • 60% revenue share for the developer on all transactions.
  • Universal wallet and login system, so gamers can spend across all games in the network, across any website they are playing on.
  • Universal saved games and user data, through server side persistence and storage of game data tied to user accounts.
  • Distribution through Mochi’s publisher network of over 30,000+ sites. Publishers will earn revenue by collecting affiliate fees based on sales from games played on their site.
  • Multiple payment methods through credit card, PayPal and incentivized offers so that your gamers can easily and safely fund their wallets.
  • Test and update your games, even if they are already distributed across the Internet. Use Mochi Live Updates and our Coins reporting tools to dynamically test pricing, game upgrades and other changes to optimize your revenues.
  • Global monetization for your international gamers coming soon. We will be rolling out additional payment methods such as mobile and gamer cards in the near future.
  • Easy to use and implement, like all of our products and services!

Fortunately, I think, you have to apply to join the system, otherwise you’d get a lot of games using it in such a way that it didn’t add anything to the game. These sort of payments need to be only for extras to make the game better. You shouldn’t have to pay just to play or complete the game.

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