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At the beginning of the year, I launched a number of product sites. Although these have not yet been as successful as I would like, I have made sales from two of them so far.

How to Grow Beautiful Roses has made one sale. This was a personal sale, and resulted from organic traffic. I know this because I haven’t as yet tried any other advertising for this product, so it was from the earlier web directory and article marketing efforts done on the initial launch.

Self Development: A Handbook for the Ambitious has made more sales. Three have been from affiliates, four from personal sales. I have been advertising this on Google AdSense. The profits from this just cover the expenses. Hopefully, as the emails of the people purchasing the book have been captured, money can also be made from them in the future.

Now, both ebooks have a fairly substantial number of affiliates. How to Grow Beautiful Roses has 137, Self Development: A Handbook for the Ambitious has 58. Affiliate performance is pretty poor though. Two of the three Self Development book sales were by the same affiliate. On checking some affiliate sites, the promotion is merely the provided banner.

I have been watching Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing 2.0 and one thing he’s stated is the amount of affiliate promotion tools he provides, emails, tell-a-friend, banners, forum signatures. Basically, any way of promoting something of his has a tool made to help you do it. No, my products currently only have banners and forum signatures. It appears assuming that people will be more active in promoting a product without providing the tools to do so doesn’t work. I’m therefore going to look into adding more affiliate tools.

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