NeoBux Update

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It’s been 31 days since I purchased the second batch of referrals at NeoBux, which is normally when they would have all expired. This time I had AutoPay switched on, so all the referrals have at least 10 days left to run, and two have 21. Of course, they will more than likely last longer than that if they keep clicking. Total clicks so far are 477 from this batch, although this is probably the last time I can accurately measure this, as I am planning on purchasing more.

Here are the current stats:

Money invested: $5

Money received to AlertPay (after fees): $1.80
Renting balance (can only be used to rent referrals and AutoPay): $0.776
Main balance (can be cashed out or transferred to renting balance): $3.10

Total money owed/received: $5.676

This means that NeoBux is currently showing a paper profit over money invested.

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