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It’s been slightly over a week since a rented another 10 referrals from NeoBux, this time with AutoPay switched on. Here’s where things currently stand:

Money invested: $5

Money received to AlertPay (after fees): $1.80
Renting balance (can only be used to rent referrals and AutoPay): $0.505
Main balance (can be cashed out or transferred to renting balance): $1.54

Total money owed/received: $3.845

Now, currently, this is showing a loss of $1.155, however, I believe this will be made back from the new batch of referrals. Although the last lot didn’t pay for themselves, with AutoPay switched on the length of the referrals is extended every day they click an ad, for a fee of course, but a lower fee than renting a new one from scratch would be.

Currently, of the 10 referrals I rented, each of which originally started with 31 days of rental, they all still have at least 27 days of rental left, and one of them has 30 days.

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