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I’ve decided to be a lot less generous with rewarding GetRef signup credits to people who join my programs. I’ve noticed with an awful lot of people, there entire activity in your program is join, then make credit claim. This pretty much defeats the object of getting them to join, and is also short sighted in their case.

I’d assume that the reason they are joining a program in these cases is merely to get credits and to be allowed to promote their own program, in order to get referrals. Are they wanting people to do exactly the same with them as they are doing with programs they join? I doubt it, I think they expect their referrals to be active. So, I think they should do what they expect others to do, and only join a program if they intend to at least try to be active.

I’ve put in my myLot program description at GetRef that, if you aren’t active, you won’t be credited. Still, either people aren’t reading that, or they think merely joining a program – and that’s the first, last and only time they visit it – counts as being active.

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