NeoBux Referral Update

  • SumoMe

Well, my rented referrals from NeoBux have now expired. Total credited referral clicks was 404, earning $2.02. This was less than the $3 invested in purchasing them, however there were a number of factors that probably decreased their worth. During the Christmas period, there was probably at least 1 week in total where I was unable to click ads. This decreased referral earnings. Secondly, this more than likely applied to the referrals also. Finally, I hadn’t activated the AutoPay feature, as I didn’t know what it did. It apparently extends the life of referrals who are clicking, by automatically deducting a daily payment – less than the cost of renting a referral from new.

I am going to give the rented referrals another go to see how it goes.

Stats to date:

Received: $2.10
AlertPay charges: $0.30
Invested: $5.00 of which $3 has been spent on referrals
Owed: $2.205

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